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The Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies, CREST, is a multidisciplinary research centre aimed at supporting and promoting citizens’ driven and software enabled innovation for smart and sustainable societies. To achieve that aim, our research, development, and education efforts are focused on helping industries, governments, and societies to build human- as well as technological-based competencies in software systems engineering.

We develop and/or rigorously evaluate methods, processes, approaches, and tools for designing, analyzing, and evolving dependable software intensive systems and services that underpin business- and mission- critical processes in a wide variety of domains. Two of the key domains are Defence systems and Smart and Connected Cities

“A Smart City embodies innovative solutions enabled by digital technologies for effectively and efficiently creating and sustaining livable and vibrant infrastructures and ecosystems for socio-economic benefits of involved stakeholders including communities, enterprises and governments in the 21st century.”  Ali Babar, 2015.

Six Dimensions of a Smart City

  • Smart People: social and human capital to support smartness in a city.
  • Smart Governance:This category can incorporate the factors such as e-government, e-democracy, transparency and provision of open data.
  • Smart Economy: Competitiveness and economic growth resulting from innovation, productivity, entrepreneurship and flexible labor market.
  • Smart Environment: Smart utilization of energy and natural resources to save the nature. 
  • Smart Living: It can incorporate variety of areas such as healthcare, safety, culture, quality of buildings and city infrastructure, tourist attractions etc. 
  • Smart Mobility: Safety, efficiency and comfortability of transportation system while highlights sustainable and green solutions to reduce carbon footprints.
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A paper published in Journal of Network and Computer Applications

CREST researchers (in collaboration with Security Lancaster) published a paper in Journal of Network and Computer Applications.

Paper title: Data Exfiltration: A […]

  • JSS

A paper published in JSS journal

Paper Title
An empirical investigation of the influence of persona with personality traits on conceptual design


Farshid Anvari, Deborah Richards, Michael […]

  • wise

A paper accepted at WISE 2017 Conference

Title: A Kernel-based Approach to Developing Adaptable and Reusable Sensor Retrieval Systems for the Web of Things

Authors: Nguyen Khoi Tran, […]

Research Areas

Our research in the area of software systems and services focuses on developing and/or rigorously evaluating methods, approaches, and tools for supporting the design, analysis, and evolution of complex and dependable software intensive system and…

Security and Privacy research aims at building knowledge, processes, methods, and tools for engineering secure and privacy preserving software intensive systems and services. Our research take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and addressing t…

Social Computing Leveraging social computing paradigm and technologies for innovation and productivity for sustainable societies.