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A paper accepted in ICSE2018

We are glad to announce that our ongoing collaboration with Software Institute Nanjing University has resulted in a paper accepted in a premier conference on software engineering, ICSE 2018. Title: Synthesizing Qualitative Research in Software Engineering: A Critical Review Abstract: Synthesizing data extracted from primary studies is an integral part of the methodologies in support of…
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Architecting for Continuous Deployment and DevOps

Project Context: Continuous deployment (CD) and DevOps has emerged as popular software development paradigm, which tries to establish a strong connection between development and operations teams. Adopting and supporting CD/DevOps for industrial organizations involves a large number of challenges because organizational processes, practices, and tool support may not be ready to support the highly complex…
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Architecture and Knowledge Support for Big Data Systems

Project Context: Big Data Systems (BDS) (i.e., data-intensive applications) have become one of the key priority areas for all sorts of organizations (i.e., private or public)[1],[2]. Nowadays public or private organizations are expected to leverage proprietary and open source data for different purposes such as business strategies, social networking, securing citizens and societies, and promoting scientific…
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Automated detection and prevention of data exfiltration

Project Context: Increasing volume and value of data and modern day work arrangements where workers are mobile provide motivation and weak links for cyber attacks. Researchers and practitioners are becoming convinced that one of the best strategies should be based on the assumption that there will be a weakest link to be exploited for cyber security…
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Middleware for Managing Data location, Security, and Privacy

Project Context: One of the key barriers to widespread adoption of cloud computing is lack of fine-grained control mechanisms on the location, security, and privacy of data individuals and organizations can store, process, or move using cloud technologies. The users also need to know and control how cloud service providers enable them to fulfill different legal,…
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Collaborative Workspaces for Crowd-based Design and Validation of Industry Systems

Project Context: The emergence of crowdsourcing phenomenon has opened up many venues for soliciting and providing knowledge-intensive services. In the context of design and validating industry software systems, an organization’s internal and external crowd can provide immense amount of knowledge on a very short notice. Whilst the phenomenon is gaining increasing popularity, the underpinning theoretical foundations,…
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Requirement Engineering for Security

Security is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations in the modern hyper-connected world. A number of theoretical security models are available that provide best practice security guidelines and are widely utilised as a basis to identify and operationalise security requirements. Such models often capture high-level security concepts (e.g., whitelisting, secure configurations, wireless access control,…
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Designing and Implementing a (Secure) Continuous Deployment Pipeline

Since there is no a standard continuous delivery and deployment pipeline in the industry, the organizations always have challenges to design and implement their continuous deployment pipeline. Therefore, a large number of continuous deployment pipeline models can be proposed and definitely there exists an extensive trade-offs to select which pipeline model is more suitable to…
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Migrating monolithic applications to microservices architecture style

Continuous Delivery/Deployment practices. At the best state, the goal is to break down (monolithic) applications into independently deployable and small services to support and enable continuous deployment and reduce dependencies between teams. To the best of our knowledge, the organizations do not employ any specific criteria or frameworks to achieve this goal. According to literature,…
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