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Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies

Software Security Analysis for Building Private Cloud

An increasing number of public and private organisations have been adopting private cloud infrastructures for their mission-critical software systems. One of the key aspects of building and operating a private cloud infrastructure is security analysis of cloud software. Given that cloud software are usually large-scale and complex, security analysis of such software is an effort-intensive…
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Knowledge-Based Support for Security Risk Analysis of Microgrid

This project aims at developing a knowledge-based support for determining and mitigating cyber security risks to Microgrid, a distributed energy system. Like any other networked system, a Microgrid system is can be a prime target of cyber security threats that need to be taken into consideration during the design and operations of a Microgrid system.…
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Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure for Simulation as Service

Computer simulations are becoming increasingly popular as a cost effective tool to engineer new technologies and to gain further insight into the operation of such systems. This is achieved by computing complex mathematical models to simulate how a system would behave in the real world. These simulations are generally very computationally intensive and thus the…
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Secure Data-Intensive Services with IoT, Fog Computing and LASAGNE

The LASAGNE framework is a “Layered Approach to Service Architectures for a Generic Networked Environment” and has been developed by the Defence, Science and Technology (DST) group. The framework is ideally suited for efficient, scalable, Internet of Things (IoT) style applications. The IoT is a network of physical objects, usually embedded into inexpensive electronics such…
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Model Driven Engineering for Secure Systems of Systems in a Smart Campus

A System of Systems (SoS) is a large-scale system that is composed of several other complex and large-scale systems. The systems in a SoS are independent systems that co-exist in a single complex system. The systems that make up a SoS are called constituent systems. In a “Smart Campus” ecosystem, we can find several examples…
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Gamification of Education about Disposing Waste Sustainably

This project has developed a game for sustainable waste management education. The game, called Super Sort, is expected to help raise awareness about the sustainable waste management system introduced by the Ecoversity team at the University of Adelaide. The project team has developed a prototype of four games of different levels of difficulties in term…
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